This envy

It spreads through my veins, like a disease. Why can't I have that? I ask. That isn't fair. But it's perfectly fair. Why can I not convince myself to agree with others who are better than me to like them Instead I am jealous of them The blonde pretty ones The nerdy smart ones The… Continue reading This envy

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Wattpad Reviews: The Cell Phone Swap

CAUTION SPOILER ALERT OBVIOUSLY~~~ Another brilliant Wattpad book. The Cell Phone Swap. Keeley and Talon! Oh, my ship has sailed far far away! I still don't have a ship name... Comment what ship name you would prefer for them. Keelon? Talley? Whaattt.... The Cell Phone Swap, published as Textrovert, is a stellar book. We're always… Continue reading Wattpad Reviews: The Cell Phone Swap

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Wattpad Reviews: Storm and Silence by Rob Their

Where do I start? Seriously, please tell me, where do I start? I remember selecting Storm and Silence a long time ago on Wattpad. Literally two years ago. I never got to reading it. I didn't know what treasure was held inside this ninety seven chapter book. Recently, I picked Storm and Silence to be… Continue reading Wattpad Reviews: Storm and Silence by Rob Their