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Wattpad Reviews: Storm and Silence by Rob Their

downloadWhere do I start? Seriously, please tell me, where do I start?

I remember selecting Storm and Silence a long time ago on Wattpad. Literally two years ago. I never got to reading it. I didn’t know what treasure was held inside this ninety seven chapter book.

Recently, I picked Storm and Silence to be in my library again. I needed to see what was in this book. Immediately the main characters, Lily Linton and Mr.Ambrose caught my attention. The chemistry between them caught my eyes, and I’m a complete sucker for romance so I was in. Taking place in the 19th century in London, the book made a huge impact, which I will never be able to forget.

Suffrage for women was not a common thing in London in the 19th century. So, feminist Lily Linton must fight her way for ‘votes for women.’ Mr.Ambrose on the other hand, is the complete opposite. He promised a job to Lily while she was dressed as a man to vote. He kept his promise, however made Lily dress up as a man every time she was at work. And from there the journey began. The delightful story gave an insight on the 19th century while displaying a quite aggravating and pleasing couple. At least they should be a couple.

The writers craft was brilliant and the book actually got published, March 19th 2016. I have read the sequel and the final book in the series (I think). The final book is yet to be finished, but is just as captivating.

All in all, Storm and Silence was a great read for me. It’s definitely on my recommend to someone list and my best books in the world list. In case your wondering what is on those lists:


  1. Storm and Silence
  2. The Girl he Never Noticed
  3. Defining a Terrorist
  4. Catch Me
  5. Before the Darkest Storm
  6. Fatal Alliances (One time read)
  7. My Life with the Walter boys
  8. All Boys Have Cooties (Yeah, I’m being serious)
  9. When the Sun Goes Down (PG 13)
  10. The Bad Boy, Cupid and Me (I recently re read this one)
  11. Boot Camp (Published, used to be on Wattpad)
  12. The Cell Phone Swap (Published as Textrovert)


I’m not ready to share my best books in the world list yet.

Until next time.

Hallelujah, it’s over.

That was a lot of writing.




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