Open Letter

Open Letter Addressing the Problem of Bullying

Dear All,

A common flaw in humans is being quick to judge. We tend to judge and treat others differently just because they look different. We are wired this way. This can  result in bullying and severe damage to others, mentally and physically. Although, judging is intuitive, acting upon it is our conscious actions. With all the other events occurring, the Department of Education seemingly tends to neglect this issue. It is time to monitor the social activities within schools and protect the public school environment to make it a better place for learning.

Every day, in  hallways and in  classrooms, I hear students yelling hurtful words. Words that can hurt. Though I’ve never witnessed physical bullying, I’ve seen mental and cyberbullying, and I understand the great damage that it could possibly do. I don’t think other students fully understand the malicious effects of bullying and the importance of reporting it immediately.. I don’t think many students even care.

Cyber bullying is another issue. Although we do not see the person behind the screen, the fact remains that we care.We care what others think and feel about us. We care if someone doesn’t like the way we dress, and we care if they choose to express their own feelings about us. It’s not our fault that we are wired to care, but it is our fault that we are wired to treat others who are not like us differently. Once a heart is crumpled, it can never be full and straight again. I can’t imagine what these people feel like, the victims. They deserve better.

Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior in which someone intentionally and repeatedly causes another person injury or discomfort. Bullying can take the form of physical contact, words or more subtle actions.” [Reference 1]. How simple could it be? If someone is being ‘mean’ to you more than once, intimidating you about how you look, act or feel, then you should report this right away.  And there’s the third problem- people think it’s stupid to do peer mediation or ‘whatever’, and thus do not report the bullying. If you don’t report it, then the bully will always be after you, until someone else speaks up for you. We should not let society rule us. Society should not choose how we feel, what we do, and how we look. Nobody should.

My action plan to solve this issue is to have a law that makes bullying illegal. According to, there is no official federal law against bullying. This makes it even harder to regulate the process during school days and in society in general. Federal officials should also consider monitoring online activity to curb bullying. This may cause some privacy issues and needs careful consideration before implementation.   

I hope all the readers of this letter will take action to put a stop to bullying.






1- American Psychological Association



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