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Wattpad Reviews: Do it like a dude

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Do it like a dude by heartlessthoughts

I’ve recently read a very good book, Do it like a dude.

It hooked me from the start and I couldn’t stop reading. I finished the book in one day.

A simple and short read, that is definitely worth your time.

The book captures the life of model, Sophia Fox, who has built up quite a reputation for herself. Deciding she needs a break, her parents propel her into dressing like a guy. She arrives soon to the Kingston College as a teaching assistant. And as a male. Follow Sophia’s life as a model avoiding paparazzi, working, and enjoying life.

Sophia Fox was a controversial character for me. I agreed with her (sorta) on the fact that she had the right to be mad at her parents for fueling her career. However, she should also be happy, because even though her career wasn’t as real as she had hoped, her parents showed that they had true love for her. And that’s better than having abusive or neglecting parents.

Ah, Carter. I always loved him and his type. ❤ No words, just a beautifully written character in all aspects.

Aunt Jackie and Sophia’s parents annoyed the heck out of me though. Sophia is 19, and they had no right to force her into dressing like a guy or working at a school. But I guess it was necessary for the plot so yeah.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I hope all of y’all will check it out. It’s on Wattpad as of right now(February 2017), so do consider reading it. Great read. It’s in the comedy section!




Go now!




Just go and read it!














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Alright bye then.


EDIT: 2/19

Turns out the book isn’t finished! I just got a notification saying that Heartlessthoughts updated so yeah! I might’ve made it sound like it was a complete book but nah, it’s not!




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