101 Rants: Our Society Sucks. (Quiz grade blog post)

Rant #1:

Give me a minute and I will tell you all about how much our society sucks.

Our society, I’ve thought, has always been stupid.


(I just learned about this guy who got his house burned down just because he wrote something about how slavery is bad in a newspaper!)


People are always focused on money.

How much more can I get? What do I want?

It’s always about the wants, not the needs.

There are millions of people in America who are dying, homeless, and sick. Being a middle class American, I understand why people need the money. But there are other people who need it more.

But I guess that it doesn’t really matter who needs it more, because we all need it.

It’s when you don’t need it that eggs me. COUGH COUGH rich people COUGH COUGH. (No offense….) Honestly, if a little kid asks for a toy that you know that they will throw away in a few days, what’s the point of buying that toy?

Because they’re innocent and cute? Because you want to please them?

Now I have nothing against kids. I have nothing against kids wanting something.

But when adults cave in to every situation, it makes no sense. I would teach mine to be grateful for what is given. OF COURSE, I wouldn’t deny all of their ‘wants’. But I will teach them about the actions that truly count.


Remember when we had the American Revolution to gain our freedom. Even since the 1700s, we started fighting. We are fighting.

The War of 1812.

The Civil War.

Vietnam war.

World War 1.

World War 2.

The Cold War.

Spanish-American War.

Iraq War.

Kosovo War.

We have always been fighting.

(I have nothing against the brave soldiers that have fought in these wars. I respect them thoroughly and I thank them for their service.)

What bugs me about these wars, is the fact that the world isn’t as peaceful as it should be. We should all live in harmony and shouldn’t have to fight for our freedom.

We are one Earth, one society. Why don’t we act like it?


Okay, you seriously cannot tell me that Americans aren’t stupid after electing President Turd. Sorry I meant President Dump. Oh is that not it either?


President Trump.


I may only be in middle school, but sometimes, I just think ‘wow adults are so stupid.’

What makes people think that a rising stupid business man will make it as president? Someone shoot him. Please.

He is so immature and cannot take any failures. He doesn’t learn from his mistakes he just denies them.

He even once said that if Ivanka wasn’t his daughter, then he would “perhaps, be dating her.” What even?

I am shocked, no terrified by the fact America has turned to this man for leadership of this country. The man who insults people everyday. The man who is racist, sexist, and homophobic. The man who wants to take away transgender bathrooms. The man who wants to stop Muslims from coming into our country. The man who treated a disabled reporter, an American citizen, badly, with millions of other Americans laughing and supporting this disgusting man(Trump). The man who is too immature for Twitter. The man who lies about paying taxes.

The man who will never be my president.

I hope that one day all the Americans(ELECTORAL COLLEGE) who voted for Trump will come to their senses on how stupid they were in 2016.


In the 1800s, we had a Civil War. Over slavery.


What was wrong with people back then? What is wrong with people now?

I wish that we were smarter. Then, we wouldn’t have racism. Or sexism.

All it does is create problems in society when we treat others differently. It’s not fair when women aren’t given fair pay. It’s definitely not fair when African Americans are treated as property. It’s not right.

I don’t know what was going on in their brains. They were just so stubborn.

And I know that this was over two hundred years ago, but still racism and sexism are persistent problems.

Why can’t we let go of the habit of treating others the wrong way?

Sadly, we can’t.

And I could go on and on about the flaws in our country, but it’s in human nature. There are flaws that will always exist in society.

And we’ll just have to accept that.


I hope y’all enjoyed this 752 word rant! Hope I didn’t go on for too long! Well I guess that’s the point of a rant- to go on and on about a topic.  I will have 100 more rants (101 rants series) and wattpad reviews coming as well as more of my poetry!

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