Don’t leave me…

It’s funny how one moment, you could be living the most happiest moment of your life, and then, then you simply disappear.

You’re gone.

No. It’s not funny. It terrifies me.

No I am most definitely not scared of death. It is the fact that someone around me could die, right now.

It’s the fact that someday, everyone I know right in this moment of my life, this section of my life, everyone I know will be dead.

And I’ll have to move on.

But there is always going to be a hole in your life.

What would happen if they were alive?

Recently, I’ve learned about this kid. He’s a little kid in Elementary school, and they had just done the pacer(laps around gym where there’s a recording that counts your laps) during PE. He went to the max and pushed himself to his limits. He died from exhaustion.

It terrifies me.

It truly makes me feel feelings that I never want to feel, but have to.

And the fact that his fellow classmates and friends saw him pass out, makes it even more scary to them.

I really don’t want to get more deeper into this, because later I’m going to have a nightmare and I’ll wake up bawling.

But sometimes, I just feel scared. That one day I will be bawling.

And not from a nightmare.

My respects go out to this boys’ family, and I am deeply saddened by their loss.




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