Why Math, Science, and History are useless to some extent

I’ve always felt that the core subjects were pretty stupid. Not English. English is vital to be a part of society. Just the other three.

Now don’t kill me because this is my opinion.


I see why you would need to know basic math. You need to know how to count. How to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. How to complete basic equations.

But what I don’t see, is why you need to be able to find derivatives and do proofs.

Let’s say your future profession that you have decided on was being an English teacher. Would you really need to know complex math to be able to fulfill your job requirements? Absolutely not.


Of course, basic science is needed, just like math. Then again, I don’t believe that you need to memorize the entire periodic table to be able to be a firefighter or a police man.


Basically for all of these three subjects, you need to have an overview of it. But in high school, we go super in depth. Honestly, it seems kind of stupid for the school district to make us learn and memorize exact dates and people.

How will it help us in the future? What is the impact on the future?

I’m not saying we should completely take away these subjects. But we should definitely consider changing the ways we teach these subjects and what material is required to learn.




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