My terrible airline experience

So yesterday, I was flying back to Michigan to see my cousins and my old friends. My family and I were flying a specific airline which had really low prices but terrible ratings. I shrugged it off thinking that my flying experiences have always been good. It couldn’t be that bad. 

Well, it turns out those ratings and reviews I read online was true. Although I understand some of the reasons why I arrived in Michigan at 8 in the morning instead of 12 in the motning, I still am aggravated by what happened yesterday. 

I arrived at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport at about 5 p.m.. I was really early; our flight was supposed to start at 7:55 p.m.. At first, everything was fine. No delays in our gate. Nothing wrong. 

Then our flight arrived. After being inspected, the crew announce that they were having technical difficulties. Okay, I understand that that was for our safety. The crew then announe that we would be around an hour or two late. 

I thought ‘okay, I can deal with 9’. But no. They then announced that the flight was not approved for flying and needed repairs. They would be flying in a plane from Denver to take us to Detroit. It would be around 1 when we boarded. 

Was it one o’clock when we boarded. Absolutely not. The pilots and flight attendents came an hour after our next flight arrived. It was crazy. The least they could’ve done was been punctual. 

So eventually we started at around 2:30 and landed at 4:30 or something. Was the waiting done? Nope. Not yet. 

We waited outside at a ramp until around 7 o’clock. There were thunderstorms when we got there so that I understand as well. The crew members on the ground could’ve gotten hurt. 

So now here I sit, merely a day later reminiscing in this terrible experience. There were only three good things that came out of this. 

One, the vouchers. The airlines sent us 4 $50 vouchers to fly Spirit again. Hah. I laughed so hard. Like we would fly with them again. They also gave us $14 food vouchers. 

Two, it was cheap. Seriously, if you are low on money and have a lot of time on your hands, go ahead and buy your ticket. But if it is an urgent business trip or a connected flight then choose delta or jet blue. 

Three, at least we got here. We made it. And now I can finally relax and enjoy my summer vacation in the hands of my family and friends. 

So any bad flight experiences for you?



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