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Open Letter Addressing the Problem of Bullying

Dear All, A common flaw in humans is being quick to judge. We tend to judge and treat others differently just because they look different. We are wired this way. This can ┬áresult in bullying and severe damage to others, mentally and physically. Although, judging is intuitive, acting upon it is our conscious actions. With… Continue reading Open Letter Addressing the Problem of Bullying



every time we think of rejection, we think of love and heartbreak. we think of sadness and crying our eyeballs out. we think of separation. but really, most of the time, a lot of the time, rejection is good. It may be heart break. It may be losing a job or not getting a job.… Continue reading Rejection

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Wattpad Reviews: The Cell Phone Swap

CAUTION SPOILER ALERT OBVIOUSLY~~~ Another brilliant Wattpad book. The Cell Phone Swap. Keeley and Talon! Oh, my ship has sailed far far away! I still don't have a ship name... Comment what ship name you would prefer for them. Keelon? Talley? Whaattt.... The Cell Phone Swap, published as Textrovert, is a stellar book. We're always… Continue reading Wattpad Reviews: The Cell Phone Swap

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Wattpad Reviews: Storm and Silence by Rob Their

Where do I start? Seriously, please tell me, where do I start? I remember selecting Storm and Silence a long time ago on Wattpad. Literally two years ago. I never got to reading it. I didn't know what treasure was held inside this ninety seven chapter book. Recently, I picked Storm and Silence to be… Continue reading Wattpad Reviews: Storm and Silence by Rob Their



The smell of the butter tickles my nose Need, not want Sadly, I am too selfish to refuse this five dollar wonder.   We walk slowly, trudging behind the masses Finally we get there. The concession stand. The popcorn is staring at me, wide eyed, just waiting to be gobbled up. Oh, the butter. The… Continue reading Pop!